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Listed as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe
We are incredibly proud to announce, Financial House was recognised as one of Europe’s 1000 Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times and Statista. The list, which evaluates the financial results of European companies of the last 4 years, ranked Financial House in the 256th position after achieving a 92% growth rate.
Financial House's IBAN Direct solution, featuring up to 5 sub-IBAN accounts, is designed to meet the payment needs of your business. Our versatile virtual account solution empowers your company to easily complete local and cross-border transactions in real time. Experience the flexibility of payment technology with Financial House’s IBAN Direct product.
Financial House’s IBAN Solution provides you with a turnkey white-label solution that leverages our network, enabling you to offer financial services to your clients without incurring the expenses associated with building a platform and infrastructure from scratch.
With Financial House’s EMD Agent solution, you can leverage our UK Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence and access our platform to expand your business as a trusted partner in the world of digital finance.  With us, your customers can effortlessly access a wide range of financial solutions. As an EMD Agent of Financial House, you are not just the intermediary. Our services provide you with the keys to unlock seamless, secure, and empowering financial transactions for your customers.
Financial House’s Merchant Acquiring Solution enables you to accept payments from customers from around the world. Our dedicated payments page and single API allows you to integrate our PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified platform seamlessly and securely.  Financial House’s proprietary dashboard offers a transparent view of your complete transaction history.  We handle your payment transactions, allowing you to focus on core business activities.
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Our robust and sophisticated compliance and monitoring tools allow you to detect and prevent fraud by performing KYC, KYB, and impersonation checks and to actively monitor transactions on an ongoing basis. Our expert anti-fraud and compliance teams will work with you to ensure your users benefit from our commitment to security and regulatory compliance.
Financial House, a Principal Member of Mastercard and UnionPay International (UnionPay), enables you to issue your own, proprietary branded, Prepaid, Gift, or Debit Cards.  Elevate your card offering with our customisable features, giving your customers the flexibility to meet their needs.  No matter what your Contact/Contactless Physical or Virtual Card needs are, Financial House’s Card Issuing Solution can meet them.
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